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Chi Puppies Are Way Too Cute!

Where Chihuahuas lack in size, they most definitely make up for it in personality. As the world's smallest breed, they have become extremely popular.

I had my heart set on a Chi puppy and I waited ages for her to find me, she's the perfect little companion. Téa, born the beginning of 2010 is the cutest little blue Chihuahua mix.

We decided to start our website four months into our time together as we wanted to share our experiences with you and all that we learn along the way.

We look at the types of this small breed and the various colors they come in. From the short haired to the long haired, apple head or deer head and what teacup really means. We will also talk about mixes and the history too.

There are so many things to consider before adopting a puppy or adult rescue dog. We hope to help make your decisions and planning easier and point you in the right directions.

Of course there will be some fun stuff too. Chis are TOO much fun.


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Chihuahua Blog
The Chihuahua Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
Little Dog Blog
Little Dog Blog - follow Tea the little cheeky blue Chihuahua puppy and all the mischief she gets up to!
Chihuahuas in the News
Chihuahuas in the news - Keep up to date with the latest Chihuahua news stories from around the world. Have some news to add? Let us know!
All About Chihuahuas Info and Facts
There is so much to find out about chihuahuas it can all seem so confusing. Here at Too Cute Chihuahuas is a great place to start!
Different Types of Chihuahua
There are only two official types of Chihuahua, long haired or short haired but there are many other terms used to describe a Chihuahua.
Chihuahua Colors & Color Combinations
Chihuahua colors, color combinations and markings, just like us they come in such a variety of colors. Fawn, blue or chocolate, tricolour, brindle or sable? Here is our simple to follow guide.
Chihuahua Mixes
Chihuahua mixes, what happens when you cross a Chihuahua with a Jack Russell Terrier? How about a Pug or a Yorkshire Terrier?
Chihuahua Puppies
Chihuahua puppies have to be one of the cutest things in the world! It is such a precious time when you bring your puppy home for the first time.
The Older Chihuahua
The older Chihuahua has different care needs. Chihuahuas have been known to live up to 18 years so make them the best possible!
Chihuahua Names
Choosing Chihuahua names for your new puppy, helpful advice and ideas on where to look.
Chihuahua Health
Chihuahua health problems, it is important to be aware of any health issues your Chihuahua puppy or adult dog may face.
Chihuahua Books
Here is my list of recommended Chihuahua books. Tell us about any you would recommend too!
Chihuahua Films
Chihuahua films, where the Hollywood pooch meets the Hollywood Blockbuster. The Chihuahua's BIG personality is perfect for the BIG screen!
Chihuahua Pictures
Here is our Chihuahua pictures gallery. With cute and funny pictures of our little blue Chihuahua cross puppy!
Chihuahua Videos
Our Chihuahua videos page with cute clips of our little blue Chihuahua cross and all the mischief she gets up to!
Fun Chihuahua Stuff
Fun Chihuahua stuff! Chihuahuas are so much fun so this page is all about enjoying yourself!
Chihuahua Posters
Chihuahua posters to decorate your walls, give as a gift to a Chihuahua lover or just something cute to look at!
Chihuahua Comments
Chihuahua comments - a place for you to add your comments and opinions or just to say hello. Do you think Chihuahuas are too cute? Let us know!
Contact Us
Contact us if you have any questions or any comments to share on our Too Cute Chihuahua website.
About Us
Our About Us page from Too Cute Chihuahuas, one little Chihuahua mix puppy and her family's experiences
Chihuahua Site Search
Chihuahua Site Search allows you to search for all your Chihuahua related topics.
Chihuahua Mix Pictures
Chihuahua mix pictures, visitors to have uploaded photos of their Chihuahua crosses and shared their stories.
Chihuahua Shopping
Chihuahua shopping, looking for the perfect gift for the Chihuahua lover in your life? Here you will find figurines, jewelry, soft toys, mouse pads and more!

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