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The Chihuahua Blog is our mini journal about Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes.

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Millie is half chihuahua and half welsh corgi. WE took Miss Millie in after the people who got her thought she wasn't cute any more because she didn't

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He is just a 4 month old puppy but he is so love able and playful. Loves to play with his chew toys. He is in the biting puppy stage but is really listening

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My little man came to me 2 years ago at only 6 months old. He had been severely abused with cigarette burns on his front legs and a human bite mark on

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We have a Pekingese chihuahua named Chin chin. We call him a Pikachu. ;) This is the best pic we could get because he's so dark.

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My lil girl is so cute and very playful and I luv her

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Zoey sometimes Chloe

8 months old, just rescued from the street by SPCA on 5/2. We've had her 1 week & are in love. Sweet, smart, and cuddly. Chews incessantly but is good

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Toby rocky

Toby white black rocky black little black

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Oliver James

Oliver is a very loving little guy who loves to cuddle with me and his big sister Zoey. I've only had him for 3 months. He's a rescue that was picked up

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Coffee aka Mutt

She is short haired and coffee and cream color hence the name. She still a very young pup that was rescued from a neglectful back yard breeder who got

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He is 4 1/2 months, very energetic, loves to give lots of kisses, and very playful. He loves to play with his stuffed sheep. He is so adorable!

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Dingo is our pet Chorkie! He is the most hyper fun-loving dog in the whole wide world! He Loves to kiss your face and he won't give up until he does!

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kind, and loving, never sees a stranger, but very seldom barks only when she is outside and someone she really don't know walks by, she has a way of getting

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We got him off craigslist for 40 bucks he's very sweet cuddles a lot thought he chihuahua but he has a lean frame like Italian greyhound.. picky eater

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Rocky is 7 weeks old, he has a beautiful temperament, very clever, he lets us know when he needs to go to toilet. He loves playing with my young children

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Chloe is tan and white with a dark brown razor back that sticks up like a mohawk when she gets scared. Im not sure how old she is,(her original name was

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He is a sweet boy. Highly energetic..loves to play and is very intelligent. Always egar to please! When you play catch with him. he tosses the ball back

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I'm Poppy I have just turned one, my dad was a short hair Chihuahua and my mum a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. I was bought for my mum but I am really a

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His name is Coco, but he has many nicknames, like coco loco, coco chuey, doggie, precious, and the chin. His hobbies are running on the beach, and getting

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I got cooper from the pound about 3 years ago the guessed he was about 8 months old. It was very clear that he had been treated very poorly in the past

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Penelope Rose

my puppy is a true blessing and is very wonderful. she is very smart for being only 6 weeks old it took 3 days to potty train her and she knows her name

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Chi Apso Puppies

My Lhasa Apso got pregnant with this long hair chihuahua my daughter found in our neighborhood. The puppies are so adorable lovable and playful

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Chihuahua with huge butterfly ears. Black and White, as mother and father both were, sum with slight coppery red tinge of sheen on top of black head in

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Ross is the most loving dog.....he loves everyone! Ross always has a spring in his step and a smile in his heart.....he loves to cuddle and go for walks....

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My little guy needs a girlfriend.... ready to breed my chi lhaso.

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Munchie became part of my family when her original family had to move. The Munch and I bonded immediately and she hasn't left my side in the year I have

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Looking for pup

I am looking to get another chihuahua/corgi mix somewhere near Alabama. please email if you know of any, Thanks!!!

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He is a darling little fellow. Quite the lover.

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Cookie is a great Chihuahua.she is 9 months she is lovely and special.ahe loves to play.

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I have had Bella since July of 2013. That summer my family was on the island of Guam where my husband had a contract job and my daughter was visiting

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I adopted Scotty from a rescue organization and was told he was a Maltese mix. We think he is a Matlese/chihuahua mix. What do you guys think? He

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