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Lucy is a Bo-Chi. She has such a sweet funny personality. She is now 6 months and just hit 10 lbs. My daughter likes to dress her in build-a-bear clothes:

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He's 2 years old. He's a cuddly teddy bear but sometimes he's a handful sometimes he Nips me in my ankles when I am walking him. sometimes he drives me

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Bellaboo is 2 yrs old she weighs 7 lbs and a very loveable and playful dog I love her so much

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Tess is a 3 years old chilier and has a definite Chihuahua temperament but she is the sweetest dog ever! Tess is a little porker and is bigger then anyone

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Gigi was rescued from a puppy mill about 8 months ago. I have no idea how old she is, but I really don't care either. She's just now is starting to show

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Lucy is my best friend. She's a good girl, although still very much a puppy at 2 years old. She's typical Chihuahua in her shaking and shivering at certain

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baby is long haired, izzy is smooth

I am not sure what my girls are mixed with but they are not very small maybe 8 pounds. Looking through the pics, it seems like the closest mix. Baby

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We got Dudits almost a week ago, he is 9 weeks old. He is so adventurous and brave! He has his spurts of energy and then its lights out. Hahahahaha! Amazing

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Munchkin is Friendly and feisty!

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Fun - lovable - sweet and loyal ... The Chi Chi ...

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Pappihua (Pap-e-wa)

Mickey is his name, the family gave him a nickname of El Scrappy CoCo. not sure where they got the name from. he seems to know both of his names. quite

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I adopted Arya in May, 2014. She was tied to a like marker on the side of the highway in Texas. Someone found her, took her to the pound, and her time

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pup pup

Off the chain..... LOL

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Teddy is the smartest, most adorable chizer puppy. I adopted him almost 4 months ago he is the love of my life not to mention a handsome fellow. He gets

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Ava is a little ball of energy! But she loves her mid afternoon nap.!She has attached to one of my kids and is kinda shy around every one else! Very cute

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Roddy Raider

Raider is very loving, outgoing, cuddly and loves to run around the house. He loves to play catch with his squeaky bird. When you pick him up he loves

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Foxy Niners (Brown)

Foxy has a slight over-bite and she is extremely shy around people. She is not comfortable around young children but she loves to be held by adults. She

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Rex aka chicken

He is the cutest little demon you'd ever met. He is 7 lbs, loves food he can jump on the the bar stools and on to the counters to get food! He can be very

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Great dogs

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Dexter (Mini Doberman/Chi)

I adopted him a couples months ago. He was just so darn cute when I seen a pic of him. I drove two hours to get him. When I seen him I fell in love with

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We are not 100% sure if she is a mix with a pomeranian but most probably she is. Her mum is a Chihuahua for sure, not sure about the dad. Anyway she is

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Buster is just 7 weeks and my twin daughters rescued him from a less-than-ideal home situation. He is already loving and playful. He looks just like

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Our guy's father was a very brown brindle Boston Terrier and his mother was a tall fawn deer looking Chihuahua. They considered Ben and his litter mates

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Peanut is a sweet, scrappy little dog who is often mistaken for a Jack Russel. His little sister Elsa has a sweet, gentle little girl. They are both

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Mello Dee/Nick

When I went to pick out a Chi, I knew I wanted a female (we had so many male dogs of various breeds). There was this sweet little girl that kept hiding

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My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua cross is called caramel because of her tan fur colour and she has some white markings too. She is the best dog

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I found Mickey at the Animal Shelter. he was 9 weeks old, and scared. Mickey was the only dog in the shelter that didn't bark. he just stared at me. I

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This is Nala, she is almost six months old. I am pretty sure she is a westie and chihuahua mix with maybe something else also. She was the runt of the

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Chica but we call her "cha cha"

My chiweenie is absolutely adorable. Her body and face is shaped just like a chihuahuas but she is completely dappled like a dachshund. My favorite spotting

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He is 6 wks old. Very playful and loving! We got him when he was 4 wks old and my cat Selma has kittens and she let him nurse! Lol! He loves to snuggle

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