Chihuahua Italian Greyhound Mix
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Chihuahua Italian Greyhound mix dogs are an exciting cross.

Italian Greyhounds are sight hounds but due to their size and weight they are grouped in the toy category. They are very slender and elegant and are sometimes referred to as miniature greyhounds. They love to run and are very fast.

Italian Greyhound coats are short and come in a variety of colors much like the Chihuahua so an Italian Greyhuahua could be any of them or a combination. Common colors include black, gray, fawn and red.

Italian Greyhuahuas usually have longish legs and are not as delicate as a full breed Italian Greyhound.

These two breeds make a very interesting combination and as both are very affectionate, this cross makes a perfect companion dog with class.

While it is not easy to predict the size, coat or temperament of a mixed breed dog, you can get a reasonable idea by finding out about the characteristics of both breeds.

With the new label 'Designer Dogs' making crosses very popular it is still very important you adopt a puppy from a responsible breeder or better still a rescue centre.

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Sarah was picked up from a shelter in Florida for the life of us we can not figure why she was given up. Of course she has been a joy in every part of …

I adopted Jessie from the Humane Society. She was the runt of a litter of 4 that was 8 weeks old at the time. They had no papers. We were told the puppies …

We aren't sure what Pico is as we rescued him at 2 years old. He is 11.75" tall and weighs 8.8#. He competes in agility! He looks chi but has fine bones, …

Dolly' Hello Dolly of the west 
Found Our Precious Dolly In Our Local Shelter This Past December. After Losing OuR 11 Year Old Pug, We Needed To Fill Our Hearts Up. This Mixed breed …

We found this sweet little boy. He is tiny and delicate. He weighs about 4 lbs and is very shy. The vet says he is about 4 years old and neutered. We know …

The white one is obviously not Romeo. Romeo is the brown chi hound, and he is 5 months old. He is THE most energetic dog I have ever seen! He is super …

Zoey even has a her own FaceBook site called "Italian Greyhuahua Lovers"

Dyson was adopted from a rescue shelter in Oregon.

My Sondy is so fast on her feet. She leaps over dogs and is very shy.

My granddog. He is a home entertainment center. Loves to run after tennis balls and amazingly enough has no trouble carrying it in his little mouth. …

Lalo, el Bailarin 
They tell me he is a full chi, but I don't believe it. He has really long legs and has very delicate features. He is too big for a regular chi at 8.5 …

we got Bones from an animal shelter a couple of years ago we thought he was part chi part jack russell but a vet told us today when we took him for …

Gigi  Not rated yet
Gigi was rescued from a puppy mill about 8 months ago. I have no idea how old she is, but I really don't care either. She's just now is starting to show …

Arya Not rated yet
I adopted Arya in May, 2014. She was tied to a like marker on the side of the highway in Texas. Someone found her, took her to the pound, and her time …

pup pup Not rated yet
Off the chain..... LOL

Bentley Not rated yet
My little man came to me 2 years ago at only 6 months old. He had been severely abused with cigarette burns on his front legs and a human bite mark on …

sadie Not rated yet
kind, and loving, never sees a stranger, but very seldom barks only when she is outside and someone she really don't know walks by, she has a way of getting …

OLLIE Not rated yet
We got him off craigslist for 40 bucks he's very sweet cuddles a lot thought he chihuahua but he has a lean frame like Italian greyhound.. picky eater …

Cooper Not rated yet
I got cooper from the pound about 3 years ago the guessed he was about 8 months old. It was very clear that he had been treated very poorly in the past …

Munchie Not rated yet
Munchie became part of my family when her original family had to move. The Munch and I bonded immediately and she hasn't left my side in the year I have …

Molly Not rated yet
Molly is 8 months old and weighs 2.25 lbs.

Jasper Not rated yet
We adopted him only 3 months ago but this describes him perfectly.

Hope Not rated yet
She was adopted in April 2013. She was found abandoned and seriously abused from a Puppy Mill. She is sweet and loving but she is a runner. When found …

Ruby Not rated yet
I adopted 4 month old Ruby from the local animal shelter. She is a handful, but very loving and has fit in well with the rest of my dog children. She loves …

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Valor Not rated yet
I got Valor from a friend of mine when he was 8 weeks old. He is a Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound mix. This is a very congenial combination fro a hybrid …

jude Not rated yet
jude has got to be chihuahua greyhound mix his mother was found on the street in houston tx. she was chihuahua winnie mix the puppies all mixed

kiekoe Not rated yet
she is britil color and she dose love to run like the paragraph said

Abigail (Abby) Not rated yet
Adopted from PAWS Chicago one year ago. Sweet loving, lightening fast. Leaps like a Gazzele when running. Makes us very happy.

Pico Not rated yet
We rescued Pico in 6/2011. He was listed as a 'Rare Brindle Deer Chihuahua' but we believe he is a chi/italian greyhound mix. He is not brindle but has …

Sammiebear Not rated yet
I rescued her from the pound three years ago, and she is by far the smartest, sweetest and most genuine dog I have ever had. She lives on a horse farm …

Faith Not rated yet
We adopted Faith almost 5 weeks ago and she was very shy at first, but now she seems to have settled in very comfortably. She is a rescued 1 1/2 year old …

Ratty Not rated yet
Ratty is a sweet 4 month old Italian greyhuahua... We think. She loves to cuddle and be totally under the blankets. She barks a lot when she feels threatened …

Joey Not rated yet
This little guy showed up in our yard on a Saturday afternoon. He seemed very shy and didn't want to eat much. We thought maybe he was homesick. By …

Leo Not rated yet
Someone found him wandering the streets and brought him to my vet. The vet decided he was about 7 months old called me since I had to put my cairn terrier …

Divo Not rated yet
We have been taking him to the socialization class for about 6 months, but he doesn't seem to like any other dogs. Whenever he is in his comfort zone, …

Sarah Not rated yet
Sarah gets up in the morning like a wind up toy and doesn't stop until bedtime at night. She's a bundle of pure energy. She has the catlike tendancies, …

LUCKY Not rated yet

kadinskiy Not rated yet
He is very hyper and very playful. He likes to walk you. And he is very clunbsy. He dose not know to cuddel. He dose not fallow directions and dosent came …

Mojo Not rated yet
Mojo is a (approximatley)7 months old. She came to us from an animal shelter after a very tough start in life. All we know is that she had never seen grass, …

Rosie Not rated yet
I was wondering if theres any way to know if shes chihuahua greyhound mix? Found her in my yard a little over a month now and fell in love with her. Shes …

Little Miss Muffet - or just Muffet Not rated yet
Highly energetic; very fast and a great jumper. Squirrels stay out of our yard because word must have gotten around. She gained 15 yards on one before …

Stella Not rated yet
Stella is an intelligent, sweet, sensitive, playful dog. She is very athletic and we are so glad we rescued her. She has only barked a few times since …

Chaney Not rated yet
Chaney is a year old and very loveable, active loves to play, loves going on walks, and car rides. she is great member of our family. her favorite thing …

Rosie Not rated yet
Rosie was a rescue dog we fostered and fell in love with her, so we adopted her. We have a Chorkie named Pippen he and Rosie are inseparable they act …

Charlie Not rated yet
I have had my Gray huahua for about a month now the guy i bought him off of didnt know what he had. Charlie loves to run and ride on my motorcycle with …

Paulie Not rated yet
We adopted Paulie from a rescue about 2 months ago (hes 10 months now). His Father and four siblings were surrended from West Virgina. His Father was Chihuahua …

Pico Not rated yet
We found Pico at a rescue in Salem, MA. He had traveled there for adoption from a rescue in Texas. Pico is 4.5 months old and weighs 5 lbs. He attached …

Buddy Not rated yet
He is an absolute lovebug. Runs very fast and likes to snuggle. Beautiful blue eyes. I adore him!

Zoey Not rated yet
Zoey even has a her own FaceBook site called "Italian Greyhuahua Lovers"

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Paxil Not rated yet
We call our chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix a Chihuayhound. We love her so much, but she is very grouchy and nervous. She likes to be the top dog and …

Skippy Not rated yet
My dog Skippy is a sweet little wild man,he is a very skilled escape artist rarely barks and chirps when he is happy.Skippy is my shadow,he is always with …

cali Not rated yet
cali is 5 months old I adopted her from a shelter that recues abandon dogs from mexico she is the sweetest little girl

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