Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix

Chihuahua Jack Russell mix dogs make fantastic little pets.

Both Chihuahuas and Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with HUGE personalities, so be aware of this before you choose your new family member.

Chihuahuas are known for being delicate and dainty so I think cross Jack Russell Terrier pups are that little bit sturdier.

Jack Russell Terriers were originally breed to be working dogs so they are very intelligent and also full of energy.

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As I mentioned before, Téa is only 1/4 Jack Russell but I definitely notice her JRT qualities. She is fearless!

With all mixed breed puppies you can never be sure on how they will be as adult dogs in terms of size and appearance but that's all part of their charm.

Jackahuahua, what a fantastic combination!

While it is not easy to predict the size, coat or temperament of a mixed breed dog, you can get a reasonable idea by finding out about the characteristics of both breeds.

With the new label 'Designer Dogs' making crosses very popular it is still very important you adopt a puppy from a responsible breeder or better still a rescue centre.

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Chloe is tan and white with a dark brown razor back that sticks up like a mohawk when she gets scared. Im not sure how old she is,(her original name was …

Little Miss Dobie 
She's 3 years old . Her color is gray, tan, and white. Dobie is very loyal, loves her belly rubbed and a sweet dog to her owner. I like Jackchi better. …

Rosie the Jackahuahua (jack-a-wa-wa) 
Rosie is the most loyal, energetic, loving dog I have ever known. She is absolutely fearless. She can vertical jump like no other, and believe it or …

baby is long haired, izzy is smooth Not rated yet
I am not sure what my girls are mixed with but they are not very small maybe 8 pounds. Looking through the pics, it seems like the closest mix. Baby …

Huey  Not rated yet
He is 6 wks old. Very playful and loving! We got him when he was 4 wks old and my cat Selma has kittens and she let him nurse! Lol! He loves to snuggle …

Rocky Not rated yet
He is 4 1/2 months, very energetic, loves to give lots of kisses, and very playful. He loves to play with his stuffed sheep. He is so adorable!

Toby rocky  Not rated yet
Toby white black rocky black little black

Bailey Jane Not rated yet
Somebody tied her to the gate of my townhome as I was packing to go camping. People suck sometimes. Glad for it now though. Needless to say, she got to …

Bella Not rated yet
She's a 6 month old Jackchi. So absolutely sweet it melts your heart! I adopted her and just figured out what she was thru your website!

gray Not rated yet
he is gray he is kinda long he has big ears his back feet are bigger than his front feet he has leg muscle at his back legs

Jerzy  Not rated yet
Jerzy is a 3 year old female I delivered along with 2 sisters , 1 was solid white like the mother and was given away so grown up features are not know …

Sophie Not rated yet
Still new to our family, but we are head over paws in love with our little girl!! So sweet and loving!!

pannnchito Not rated yet
a wonderful dog just to hyper.

Dasiy--Jack-Chi Not rated yet
We were told wire Terrier but im thinking more like a Jack. I could be wrong but either way she is already a much loved member of our family. She is full …

Tula Not rated yet
She is 8 months old and is sweet and full of energy

Tibbsy Not rated yet
He's 4 months old and fearless!! Very affectionate to everyone he meets but does have a touch of small dog syndrome (barks at darks bigger than him) …

Sailor Not rated yet
We rescued him this past May 2012 as I was coming home from college for Summer Break. I had searched online first, found him, waited two weeks, called …

Millie Not rated yet
Sweetest Dog I've ever had, Loves everybody!! Full of energy. Barks at all the dogs in the neighborhood.

Daisy Not rated yet
My jack/chi's name is Daisy, shes the sweetest little girl. shes so full of energy, she likes to bark at nothing sometimes but we love her..she is 17 pounds …

roxy Not rated yet
My 9 week old puppy roxy. Is a very sweat and very smart puppy I love her best puppy ive had. Out off my to Bassett hound and golden retriever.

tobby Not rated yet
Tobby is a very sweet, loving, loyal and well behaved jackchi. He loves to sleep, and play around with people. Going to the park is what makes him the …

Merlin Not rated yet
I can honestly say my little Merlin is my best friend and a true companion, kind to every one he meets loves to play and loves to be loved.

Special Tips on Taking Care of Chihuahuas Not rated yet
Dogs need specialized care. You cannot just provide the same thing to your Chihuahua what you give to a poodle. Thus, if you own a Chihuahua or still …

Pogi Not rated yet
He is definitely the least while he's napping! Pogi is the Tagalog (filipino) word for cute. He was turned over to a rescue at 8 weeks …

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Macho Not rated yet
Macho loves walks in the park barking at the door,making new friends. he also likes to bark at people that get to close when he doesn't feel safe hes the …

Jackahuahua Not rated yet
Half Chihuahua (mother) half Jack Russell (father). Best perfect dog EVER!!! So smart and obedient and SWEET. She learned all her commands within 2 …

chi chi Not rated yet
Half Chihuahua (mother) half Jack Russell (father). Best perfect dog EVER!!! So smart and obedient and SWEET. She learned all her commands within 2 …

charlie Not rated yet
He's fun to play, loves to run and play with toy. Sleeps for over half the day . And Hateeeee water. He is scared of everything, vacuuming, sweeping, cooking, …

Tippi Not rated yet
I adopted 10 month old Tippi from the Mary S. Roberts (formerly the Humane Society) in Riverside,CA on May 12, 2012. She fit in perfectly with my other …

milo Not rated yet
I call milo a chi-russel!! He's 11 lbs of love. Spunky...not delicate like the chihuahuas. Loves other etc... the perfect dog.

JAXX Not rated yet
3 year old boy

Sketchie Not rated yet
I rescued Sketchie 1 1/2 yrs ago he is 6yrs old now .He picked me from the moment we first met.He was very affectionate and snuggled right up with me.Sketchie …

Sketchie Not rated yet
I rescued Sketchie 1 1/2 yrs ago he is 6yrs old now .He picked me from the moment we first met.He was very affectionate and snuggled right up with me.Sketchie …

Bacari Bruiser Davenport Not rated yet
Bacari was rescued from an abusive home in which parts of his fur was burned and he was covered in ticks and fleas. As soon as I looked at him I knew that …

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