Types of Chihuahua, So Much Variety for Such a Small Dog

There are only two official types of Chihuahua, long haired or short haired but there are many other terms used to describe a Chihuahua.

Short Haired

Short haired Chihuahuas, also referred to as smooth coat Chihuahuas are just as described. They have short hair and are easy to care for as they don't require lots of grooming.

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Long Haired

Long haired Chihuahuas, also referred to as long coat Chihuahuas have a soft coat which can be curly or straight. Although you would think that they need a lot of grooming, they do not require haircuts as their hair will only grow to around 1-2ins. Of course they will require more brushing than the short haired variety though.

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Apple Head

Apple head Chihuahuas have small round heads (just like an apple) and short noses with big eyes.

Deer Head

Deer head Chihuahuas have a longer nose and have been likened to a Pinscher. Téa was once mistaken for a Miniature Pinscher when I was carrying her as a puppy. Although she's not as tall I can definitely see a likeness in her face.

Teacup, Micro & Miniature

Some say that 'teacup' is a term used by breeders to command a higher price for smaller puppies. Teacup Chihuahuas are just tiny dogs for the breed but the term is not recognized by the Kennel Clubs as part of the breed standard.


Chihuahua Mixes

There seems to be a rising popularity in so called designer dogs which are just mixes of two or more breeds. Popular crosses are Chorkies - Chihuahua x Yorkie/Yorkshire Terrier and Jackchis - Chihuahua x Jack Russell Terrier also called Jackhuahua. Many believe that crossbreed dogs are healthier too.

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So as you can see there are many different types of Chihuahua and they are all too cute ;)

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